Management Team

1) Sri. Mallikarjun H Rao, Founder & Managing Trustee
Sri Mallikarjuna H Rao is the founder and managing trustee of MHR Foundation of India. He served a decade in banking sector as a Manager and took a voluntary retirement to serve towards nature. He found ZBNF is the only method to solve entire natural imbalance and started a foundation to educate and help farmers. He is practicing ZBNF in his 5 acres farmland and training the urban and rural residents.

2) Smt. Mamatha S N, Co-founder Trustee
Smt Mamatha S N is the founder trustee of MHR Foundation of India. She is a farmer from Kunigal and is practising inspite of her busy schedules with the family. She holds the responsibility of connecting with farmers and explaining them the necessity of Natural Farming at present times.

3) Sri Harsha S
Sri Harsha S is an Event Organizing Head at MHR Foundation of India. He graduated from PES University in M.Tech, Cyber Forensics & Information Security with gold medal. With his experience in organizing events and reaching the audience, he started to work towards farmer’s self sustainability.


4) Sri Edeshwar H Rao
Sri Edeshwar H Rao is an active management member at MHR Foundation of India. He is working in IT Industry and is utilizing his vast experience in the administration of trust. He has worked with farmers at Gulbarga and Mysore region.

5) Sri Nagabhushan B M
Sri Nagabhushan B M, a scholar and Head of the Department, MSRIT College is kind enough to work towards farmer amongst his busy schedules. He has taken the responsibility of heading Program Organizing department and is actively working on it. His ways of motivating farmer is the pride of organization.

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