Connecting Farmers to Consumers

Connecting Farmer to Consumer


Connecting Farmer to Consumer is one such initiative of Foundation in mutually connecting the Farmer and Consumers in exchanging the growing knowledge and agro products.

Highlights of Connecting Farmer to Consumer:

  • Identify ZBNF Farmer. Authenticate the growing methods at the farmland.
  • Check the availability of harvest.
  • Share the farmer and the product details among the consumers at Bangalore.
  • Schedule the Harvest and product pick-up date and location.
  • The consumers will receive the products along with the transparency in growing.

Details of Farmers and Products connected so far.

Sl.No Farmer Name Location Farming Method Product Name Quantity Sold
01 Shobha Kunigal ZBNF Baby Corn 500 KGS
02 Prabhakar Mandya ZBNF Jaggery 700 KGS
03 Siddangowda Hubli ZBNF Jaggery 200 KGS
04 Arvind Bellary ZBNF Foxtail Millets 500 KGS
05 Guruprasad Rao Kodagu ZBNF Honey 500 KGS
06 Patil Chitradurga ZBNF Onion 1500 KGS
07 Mahesh Patil Gulbarga ZBNF Toor Dal 250 KGS
08 Mahesh Patil Gulbarga ZBNF Chickpeas 200 KGS
09 Shobha Kunigal ZBNF Vegetables 500 KGS
10 Shobha Kunigal ZBNF Sapota 300 KGS
11 Shobha Kunigal ZBNF Mango 1800 KGS
12 Padma Ramanagara ZBNF Mango 1600 KGS
13 ShivaKumar Chamrajanagar ZBNF Sapota 400 KGS
14 Shivanagouda Koppala ZBNF GroundNut 300 KGS
15 Arvind Bellary ZBNF All Millets 400 KGS


And still more…..!!


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