Group Farming – A first Step to Farming

Group Farming


Group Farming is one such farming uniting the like-minded individuals to farm together.


  • Identify the farmer facing difficult to farm on his entire farmland (Usually more than 5 Acres).
  • Identify the like-minded individuals with/without the agriculture land willing to farm at the other farmer’s farmland.
  • Bring together them to farm at one place.


  • Farmer gets a supporting hand to farm on his entire farmland.
  • Other Individuals gets a learning part of Farming along with Farmer.
  • More the involvement, more is the easiness and hence the success in farming.
  • Multi cropping and Responsibility Sharing.

Role of MHR Foundation of India:

  • Identify the Farmer willing to join Group Farming.
  • Identify the Individuals willing to join Group Farming.
  • Set MoU among them to frame terms and conditions.
  • Monitor regularly the operations of Group Farming.

Group Farming Batch 1:

No. of Participants: 4

Farmer Name: Sri Huchegowda

Participants Name: Sri Madhusudhan, Sri Vikram, Sri Lingaraju

No. of Acres: 10

Farmland Location: Tippagondanahalli, Magadi.

Crops Planted: Banana, Ginger, Mango, Papaya, Onion, Sapota

Farming Method: ZBNF

MOU Frames: Yes

Active: Yes

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