Seed Bank


Seed Bank is the collection of very good germination seeds from farmers practicing ZBNF across India.

This is the initiative from MHR Foundation of India regarding the collecting and distribution the very good germinating seeds among farmers.

Following are the list of farmers and seeds contributed in the seeds bank.

Sl.No Farmer Name Place Crop Name Farming Method
01 Saroja Tamil Nadu PKM1 Moringa Seeds ZBNF
02 Shobha Kunigal PKM1 Moringa Seeds ZBNF
03 Mahesh Patil Gulbarga Toor Dal Seeds ZBNF
04 Mahesh Patil Gulbarga Chick Peas Seeds ZBNF
05 Shivanagouda Koppala Ground Nut Seeds ZBNF
06 Shobha Kunigal Leafy Vegetable Seeds ZBNF
07 Prabhakar Mandya Sugarcane Seeds ZBNF
08 Anil Mysore Millets Seeds ZBNF
09 Shobha Kunigal Alasande Seeds ZBNF


And still much more…!!

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