Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

Our Vision:

To create a powerful agriculture that works for everyone with healthy and empowered nation.

Our Mission:

Education – Development – Empowerment- Training to develop agriculture related activities with the development of rural areas in all respect for healthy, wealthy and empowered nation.

Our Aims:
  1. Change the view of farmers to look agriculture as a business not only as the way of leaving.
  2. To increase area under Natural Farming.
  3. Start co-operative farming among farmers by increasing unity in farmers.
  4. Educate villagers, farmers and his family in low cost.
Our Objectives:
  1. Arrange agricultural demonstrations, exhibition, group discussion and farmer’s trips.
  2. Provide technical support to farmers in developing agriculture.
  3. Increase employment in rural area.
  4. Educate farmers and farmer’s family about new technology in agriculture.
  5. Start residential school for welfare of farmers children.
  6. Provide technical education to farmers and farmers children at low cost.
  7. Start Agriculture College for supporting farmers and to empower new generation with latest technology of agriculture.