Support Needed for the Survival of Desi Goshale

Gomathas in Goshale

1) Bargur  14  

2) Malanadu Gidda  3 

3 )Nati Cross  2 

There are total 19 desi gomathas in Goshale.


Motivation to start Goshale by Promoter:


Promoter opted to shelter Non-Milking Goshale in spite of the nil income from them. In his words,

  • Gomatha is not Money, it is Worshiping Deity.
  • Gomatha resembles mother. It’s the holistic duty of son/daughter to take care of parents till end irrespective of any criterion. He failed in looking after his mother at her last stage. Hence he decided to look after gomathas and see his mother in them.

He wants to promote Indian Desi Cows considering their benefits to human being in perspectives of health, Satisfaction, Peace, Purity, Love, Sacredness and much more.

Donate Food to Gomatha
Sweat Donation
Desi Gomatha Donation
Fodder Seed Donation
Machine Donation
Time Donation

Bhojana Seva – Sponsor Food to Gomatha

Gopalaka Seva – Sponsor Gopalaka Expense

Ashritha Seva – Sponsor Goshale Expense

You can help goshale in referring individuals or organizations or any entities who/which can

Provide Fodder to Gomatha
Provide Volunteers for Goshale
Sponsor/Donate to Goshale
Celebrate Birthday by offering Seva to Gomatha
Remembering elders by offering Seva to Gomatha
Organize CSR programs at Goshale


You can volunteer in any activities to help improve goshale. Various volunteer programs are:

Conducting awareness of Desi cows, Non-Milking Cows
Rescuing Desi and Non-Milking Cows
Generating Fodder to the Gomathas

Conducting awareness of Desi cows, Non-Milking Cows
Rescuing Desi and Non-Milking Cows
Generating Fodder to the Gomathas


Brief Details of Goshale:

01     Goshale Name :  Ravul Goshale

02    Breed Type  : Desi Indian Gomathas / Bos-Indicus

03    Number of Gomathas :  19

04    Breed Names of Desi Gomathas  : Bargur, Malanad Gidda, Nati Crossed

05    Commercial /Non-Commercial   : Non-Commercial

06    Promoter Name :  Sri Sundar Ravul

07    Address  : Sy.No.32/5, Madenahalli Village, Arasapur Post, Holavana Halli Hobli, Koratagere Taluk, Tumakur District, Karnataka State, India

08   Google Map Link : https://goo.gl/maps/U9m79KaEt5B2

Highlights of Ravul Goshale:- 

  • Localizing and Sheltering Desi Indian Gomathas.
  • Promoting the surrounding local villagers to have at least one desi gomatha per home
  • Creating the awareness of desi gomutra, desi gobar and A2 milk health benefits
  • Promoting the values of Desi Indian Gomathas to mankind and nature.
  • Milk from the Goshale is not commercialized or sold. Milk is made available to calf.
  • Ready to shelter rescued, donated, improperly taken care desi gomatha.
  • Gomathas are served with sacred feel without the expectance of returns from them.
  • All expenses are managed by Goshale promoter, Volunteers and Gomatha Worshippers.

Daily Expenses of Ravul Goshale:-

For Desi Gomatha, the only expenditure is Fodder Maintenance Labor

Fodder: Fodder given is not any artificially created by human. Only naturally grown Fodder is provided. (Fresh/Green grass is preferred rather the Dry/Yellow Grass). Each day, One Desi Gomatha needs Fresh/Green Grass worth of Rs.85/-

Maintenance Labor: Labor of 2 families is necessary for the maintenance of 19 gomathas. Each Family needs wages of Rs.15,000/- per month. Each day, One Desi Gomatha needs labour expenses of Rs.50/- On a whole, the expenditure can be listed as Goshale Expenses Food Expenditure Labour Expenditure Total Expenses

Goshale Expenses

Food Expenditure

Labour Expenditure

Total Expenses

1 Desi Gomatha per Day




19 Desi Gomatha per Day




Income to the Goshale: Income from the Non-Milking Goshale is Nil. The goshale is not started for commercial aspects.

Problem at Present: As of now promoter is managing the goshale by himself, taking time out of his work. Whether it is Gomatha maintenance, fodder, labour or finance, it is self-driven and no support is sought. Now, promoter himself is in such a condition that, it is becoming difficult to bear all expenditure by him. He wants support from public for the normal maintenance of Goshale. It is not only financial, he needs moral, ethical and volunteer work support. If he receives support, he will continue his auspicious work successfully. But if he doesn’t receive support, it doesn’t mean he stops serving gomatha. He will continue with the difficult journey to shelter them.

Why should anyone participate in the cause?

  • All donations, contributions, volunteer works are not done for profit.
  • This cause is life giving chance to the 19 gomathas of goshale.
  • Gomathas are asking support for their fodder and labour maintenance for existence.
  • Its all about worshipping gomatha.


How to participate in this cause:


Anyone can participate in this auspicious cause. You can

  • Donate – Provide anything in unused or excess format
  • Sevas – To do Seva to Gomatha
  • Refer – Refer your known’s for the cause.
  • Volunteer – Volunteer for various activities of Goshale

Importance of Gomatha in Hinduism:

Hinduism treats Gomatha as the god and same is written and followed since its birth. It is treated equivalent to mother.

  1. Cow brings well-being and purity in the house. She is a source of wealth and prosperity.

– Atharvana-Veda 4-21-5

  1. Cow is like a mother for all those who are bachelors till the age of 25 years, a daughter for those who are 26 years old and a sister for those who are 48 years old.

– Rig-Veda 8-101

  1. In the ancient Rushikuls (Hermitage of Sages), Go Seva (service) was compulsory along with Guru-Seva.

Donate food to gomatha: You have grown fodder or you have fodder in excess.

Sweat Donation: You can involve yourself in the goshale activities at your convenient time and donate your sweat for the daily activities of goshale.

Desi Gomatha Donation:If you have come across following circumstances, you can donate gomatha to the goshale.

Basic facility deprived Desi Gomatha
Rescued Desi Gomatha
Non-Milking Desi Gomatha
Fodder Seed Donation: If you have gomatha fodder seeds in excess, you can donate to goshale.

Machine Donation: If you have “Fodder Chopper Machine” in excess or unused, you can donate to goshale.

Time Donation: If you have free or worthy time spending time, you can always visit the goshale and donate time.


Bhojana Seve: This seva is dedicated to provide food /fodder to the gomathas in the goshale. Anybody can avail the seva and participate in the auspicious work of feeding food to gomatha.You can sponsor any amount you wish to feed desi gomatha.

Gopalaka Seve: This seva is dedicated to provide labour/gopalaka expenses to the gomathas in the goshale. Anybody can avail the seva and participate in the auspicious work of goshale maintenance. You can sponsor any amount you wish to look after gopalaka’s expense at goshale.

Ashritha Seve: This seva is dedicated to provide overall expenses (Inclusive of labour and fodder) to the gomathas in the goshale. Anybody can avail the seva and participate in the auspicious work of goshale maintenance. You can sponsor any amount you wish to look after goshale’s overall expense.

Contact Details:-

For more details you can contact

  1. Support Program Organizer: Sri Mallikarjun H Rao Founder & Managing Trustee MHR Foundation of India 
  2. Ph: 8884175609
  3. E-mail: mhrfoundationofindia@gmail.com 
  4. Website: www.mhrfoundationofindia.org
  5. Facebook: www.facebook.com/MHRFoundationofIndia/
  6. Goshala Promoter: Sri Sundar Ravul Founder Ravul Goshala Ph: 9845657799 E-mail: sunderryadav@gmail.com.
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    Message from Desi Gomatha Supporter: 02-07-2018, 04:30 PM "I received the message Saturday night..Usually I dont click unknown messages but unknowingly I clicked, read and decided to support the cause of protecting 19 Desi Gomathas. I supported the cause as decided by Monday noon. Surprisingly, maa gomatha blessed me and within few hours, I received a good news. I am really blessed. Its true that gomatha is deity. Serving Gomatha is our opportunity to bring goodness and positiviness " -- Latha ma'am, Supporter