Prakruti Ahaar and Chikitsya

2 Days ” Prakruti Ahaar and Chikitsya, Nature’s Health Science – Healing Foods and Ayurveda ” Seminar at Bangalore

At “Prakruti Ahaar and Chiktsya” , We Present knowledge and information gained through years of dedicated study and practical experience by eminent Acharyas and speakers who are specialists in Natural Farming, Food Sciences and Ayurveda in this two day workshop aimed to disseminate important information that matter to you and your health .

Our Ahar… The Food we Take :

Numerous Food and Health questions arise everyday in our lives and the information available is often confusing. As our population ages, new lifestyles … our medical and drug costs sour! It is becoming Vitally important to learn how to avoid and prevent and also treat various problems through best food choices. Food can do more than keep you healthy. Like the medicine, it can also help you heal what ails you. KNOW THE POWER OF FOOD to prevent, treat and even cure major ailments and minor health annoyances.

You want to enjoy Delicious Food and know what you are eating is good for you.. good enough to keep you away from Doctors? Healing Foods will show you the way….Trust it to make subtle changes in your life that will pay off in big benefits over time. Look better, Function better and feel better!!

There is a special feature ATASI AHAAR…dedicated to Flax seeds which will inform you about its Healing powers with special reference to 26 diseases and health conditions from Ayurvedic perspective. Combined with Ayurvedic herbs and add-ons, its a proven effective natural way to prevent health issues and heal if you are already suffering from some ailment Flax Seeds actually presented in a delicious Laddu format – a Sweet as Health Pill!! All with its medicinal properties in about 26 varieties!! Is there any other better way to have medicine?

At Prakruti Ahaar and Chikitsya , we will share about the Food that we grow.. how to grow natural food and up to date information about Foods that Prevent, Foods that Heal, Food that Supplements nutrition and Foods that harm, Along with that Water we drink today… what does it have, is it beneficial or harmful ? How to treat water at home in scientific way….

Our Chiktsya, our natural Treatment…

How, where and with whom to seek natural remedies and treatment based on Ayurveda for over 26 Diseases and Health conditions with special reference to Cancer, Diabetes ,BP, Anaemia, Stomach Ailments, Men and Women Sexual Ailments, Sex after 40, Spine, Skin, heart, osteoporosis, insomnia, Anxiety , Anger, and depression, migraine and headaches, stomach ache, Acidity , Flatulence, Eye ailments, Chronic Cough, Cold and respiratory illnesses, Fever, Ayurveda and other therapies Other information with a list of who, where and how and what available in natural remedies in Bengaluru is available to participants with access to health facilities in South of Bengaluru. There would be Stalls with various farm fresh vegetables, fruits and naturally grown foods items, processed natural foods and ayurveda medicines, relevant books / information , traditional appliances etc under one roof for purchase by registered participants.

Common Citizens, Home makers, Senior Citizens, Terrace Gardeners , Farming enthusiasts, Farmers, Sports persons, Patients, Health Conscious Citizens, Professionals, Corporates, IT/BT industry , Health Sector personnel and all other interested and health savvy can take advantage of this opportunity made available on this platform by the organisers to learn and use.

Speakers Detail:-

1) Dr. Shubhamangala Acharya.
2) Dr. Mehulbhai Acharya.
3) Smt. Jignasa Acharya.
4) Dr. Shyam Sunder Upadhyay.
5) Mr. Mallikarjuna H Rao.

Venue and Registration Details:-

Venue Address:- NGV Builders Club, National Games Housing Complex KHB, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047.
Venue Google Map Link:-

Date:- 2 Days, 10-03-2018, Saturday and 11-03-2018, Sunday
Time: 09.00 AM to 06.30 PM
Language: Hindi & English
No. of Registrations available: 800 Seats Only (First Come First Serve)

Registration Fee:- Rs.800/- (Inclusive of Lunch, Without Accommodation)
Online payment of Rs. 800 has to be made Compulsory for confirming the registration. (Cash Payment not Allowed)

For Registration :-

Registration and Program Support :-

Mallikarjun H Rao: 9900003891 : Rajeshwar Rao: 9449596039 : Ranjani Tungal 78928 00232 : Krishna Tungal: 9342990805 : Vaishnavi: 9611669624 : Krishna Pattabhi: 7639786545 : Sanjay Kulkarni :9945429780 : HGK Reddi: 9845024342 : Vamshi: 9880859853 : Prasad Kumar: 9886290800 : Adithya Modi: 8884451899 .

Organised by :- HEALING FOODS Culinary Innovations, MHR Foundation of India