Natural Farming

Natural Farming

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Zero Budget Natural Farming, as the name implies, is a method of farming where the cost of growing and harvesting plants is zero. This means that farmers need not purchase fertilizers and pesticides in order to ensure the healthy growth of crops.Natural farming can be far more productive than modern farming, but real sustainability on this level requires real investment, not in a monetary sense, but investing the time to know the natural world around you. Since these micro-organisms help convert nutrients into a digestible form that plants can absorb and use, it is critical to revive them in our farms. This can be done by using cow dung from local cows. The term ‘Do Nothing Farming’ originated because the farmer is considered only to be a facilitator the real work is done by Nature. Hence, while there is lots to think about and do in natural farming, actual physical work and labour has actually been seen to reduce by upto 80% compared to other agricultural systems. The agricultural sector also began a largely disorganized attempt to move from subsistence farming to cash cropping, which created its own set of problems.This is where initiatives like Zero-Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) come in. Begun by Subhash Palekar, an agricultural scientist who promotes and actively educates farmers in natural farming techniques, ZBNF involves methods that require no cost input from the farmer’s side in terms of pesticides, fertilizers or even irrigation. Natural methods are used to retain and improve soil health, control pests, and increase yields. A farmer will also be able to produce his own seed, and natural fertilizers are created using cow dung, cow urine and other materials. According to Mr. Palekar, one native cow is all one needs to take up this method of farming on thirty acres of land. Natural Farming products have high quality, good taste and better yield. Natural Farming products have much higher nutritional contents. Protein, amino acid, crude fat and other essential nutrient were identified to be as much as 300 percent higher than ordinary products.Natural farming means without using any credit, and without spending any money on purchased inputs.