Urban Awareness: A Moringa Tree Per Home

Urban Awareness: A Moringa Tree per Home

  • An Initiative from Residents to Make Bangalore Pollution Free



One Moringa Tree (Drumstick Tree) in each house resulting in pollution free Bangalore : Absolutely we do not have space in Bangalore for planting One lakh Moringa trees. But we have option to plant one Such Moringa Tree in each home. This tree can be grown in any growing pot with certain growing patterns.

Advantages of this Mission:

More carbon-dioxide absorption, Minimizing pollution in Bangalore, Creating Healthy Oxygen at Home, Healthy Moringa Leaves at Home, Initiative to become Farmer, Natural Farmer from the initial Stages of learning.

Why Moringa Tree?

Quick Glance at the Carbon-dioxide absorption rate of “Moringa Oleifera” or “Drumstick Tree”: “Moringa has highest absorption of emitted carbon dioxide. Study on Moringa and global warming revealed that

Case Study 1: One person emits 320kg of CO2/year, it takes 50 years for 23 Japanese Cedar trees to absorb this amount of CO2; it takes 2 Moringa trees for 2 years to absorb this amount.

Case Study 2: One family car emits 2,300kg of CO2/yr, it takes 160 Japanese Cedar trees for 50 years to absorb this amount of CO2, while it takes only 10 Moringa trees for 2 years”

Program Schedule:

One “Moringa Kit” is distributed to each resident to start growing Moringa Tree at his/her home. One Moringa Kit consists of “One Moringa Seedling + One Hand book of growing Moringa and its advantages (Digital)”.

Content of “Moringa Hand Book”

01) What is Pollution?

02) How to avoid pollution effects by growing trees?

03) What is Moringa Tree?

04) What are the advantages of Moringa Tree to Environment?

05) What are the advantages of Moringa to Human Being?

06) What are the advantages of Natural Farming?

07) What are the objectives of “1 Lakh Moringa Tree in Bangalore”?

08) What are the advantages of “1 Lakh Moringa Tree in Bangalore”?

09) How to grow Moringa Tree in Home?

10) What are the Moringa growing precautions?

11) List of 20 Moringa Recipes


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