23rd April, 2017 – Sunday

One Day Workshop on Honey Bee Farming

This workshop on explaining the basic principle of Honey Bee Farming which helps the Zero Budget Natural Farming is conducted for the farmers and farming passionate urban residents. The workshop had three sessions.

Topics covered in the first session were:

Necessity of Farming in the current period, Problems faced by Farmers, Difference between Chemical, Organic and Natural Farming, Benefits of Natural Farming to Nature, Farmer and Consumer, Role of Microbes in Farming, Role of Honey Bee in Natural Farming, Pollinations and Honey Bee, Different types of Honey Bees, Honey Bee Family, Different roles of Honey Bees, Importance of Byproducts of Honey, Health Benefits of Honey, Survey on the population of Honey in different cities and rural areas, Role of Honey Bee in increasing the Agriculture Products Harvest.

Second Session Details:

Session is about the success story of ZBNF Farmer. Farmer from different region and different crops are invited to speak about their success story for an hour.

Progressive Farmer Invited: Sri Kumar Swamy

Farming Method Followed: ZBNF, Vegetable Farming

Place of Farming: Nelamangala

In third session following topics were explained:

Practical Session on Honey Bee Farming, Practical display of Honey Bee, Idetifying Queen, Soldiers and Male Honey Bee, Maintenance and Cleaning Works of Honey Bee Farming, Honey Bee Farming as commercial and agriculture aid.

Speaker and Trainer: Honey Bee Farming Expert Sri Guruprasad Rao

Date: 23rd April, 2017 – Sunday

Workshop Location: MHR Foundation of India(R) Training Centre, Sunkadakatte, Bangalore – 560091

Training Language: Kannada and English

Workshop Time: Morning 8 AM to Evening 7 PM (Inclusive of Tea, Breakfast & Lunch)

Number of Participants: 26

Number of Full Time Farmers Attended: 7

Number of Farming Interested Urban Residents Attended: 19

Places of Participants: Bangalore, Kunigal, Bellary, Chikkaballapura, Kodagu, Ranibennuru.



Farmers understood the Procedure of following chemical free farming, Role of Honey Bees in agriculture and human Health, Role of Honey Bee in increasing the harvest. Many Farmers decided to start at least one unit of Honey Bee Farming in their farmlands.

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