29th June, 2017 – Thursday

One Days Workshop on

“Water Conservation Methods”

The workshop was conducted by MSRIT, LSIKC, MHR Foundation of India and We Trust. In this one day workshop, Water Scientist, Water Gandhi, Sri Dr. Ayyappa Masagi explained the method of conserving the water, Bore-well recharge, increasing the ground water level at farm fields and the urban areas.

One Day Session Details:

Explanation on the water level, Ground Water Level, Source of Water at Ground Water Level, How to increase the water level in the ground water level, Preserving the water on upper ground level and lower ground level, how to preserve the water in rainy season and minimize the water consumption in agriculture, increasing bore-well water level in the urban and rural areas.


Speaker and Trainer: Water Gandhi Sri Dr. Ayyappa Masagi

Date: 29th June, 2017 – Thursday

Workshop Location: Dr. Khadar Farmhouse and Farm fields, Mysore

Training Language: Kannada and English

Workshop Time: Morning 9 AM to Evening 7 PM (Inclusive of Tea, Breakfast & Lunch)

Number of Participants: 48

Number of Full Time Farmers Attended: 6

Number of Farming Interested Urban Residents Attended: 42

Places of Participants: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra



Farmers understood the Procedure of preserving the ground water level, increasing the ground water level, efficient utilization and preservation of water level in dry areas.

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