21st May, 2017 – Sunday

One Day Visit to the ZBNF Farm fields and

Interaction with Progressive Farmers

It is a fact that, personal experience is far better than heard experience. Hence, MHR Foundation of India trusts in engaging the farmers and farm interested individuals to the nearby ZBNF farm fields and interaction with the progressive ZBNF Farmers. The session involves visit to 3-4 ZBNF Farm Lands nearby.

Farm Land Details:


Sl.No Farmer Name No.

of Acres

Crop Farming


01 Sri Kumaraswamy 02 Vegetable Farming

(Five Layer Model)

ZBNF Nelamangala
02 Sri Nagaraj 15 Five Layer Model (Coconut, Arecanut, Fruit Model) ZBNF Pataganahalli,

Tumkur District

03 Sri Nataraj 15 Five Layer Model, Paddy ZBNF Pataganahalli,

Tumkur District

04 Sri

Prasanna Murthy

07 Arecanut, Paddy, Coconut ZBNF Koratagere, Tumkur District


Speaker and Trainer: Natural Farmer Sri Prasanna Murthy

Date: 21st May, 2017 – Sunday

Theory class: Yes, Provided

Practical Demonstration: Yes, Provided.

Training Language: Kannada

Workshop Time: Morning 8 AM to Evening 7 PM (Inclusive of Tea, Breakfast & Lunch)

Number of Participants: 37

Number of Full Time Farmers Attended: 16

Number of Farming Interested Urban Residents Attended: 21



Farmers understood the Procedure of following chemical free farming, Steps to increase soil fertility and harvest without the inputs, making agri inputs zero in Natural Farming, Advantages of Multi-cropping model in pest management and Water management.


Interactions with farmers helped the participants understand the reasons for failure and success in farming. All the visited farmers are living happy livelihood irrespective of the market fluctuations. The interactions also gave the insight of difficulties of labour and environment dependency for farmer.

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