Group Farming

Group Farming

ZBNF Group Farming Karnataka

While the whole world is advanced in technology, the food we eat is not playing the vital role it is supposed to be. Our lack of knowledge in understanding the agriculture, science behind farming, the traditional method lead us to believe farming is not a potential livelihood source. Infact, Indian traditional agriculture methods are proven to be the best and the Indian soil is proven to be fertile enough for farming. But we, with our lack of interest and understanding are not doing the farming to the best.

Upon all these concerns, MHR Foundation of INDIA is giving the farmers training on Indian traditional agricultural practices, “Zero Budget Natural Farming” and platform for the farming interested personnel to do farming in a group by providing overall support required to do farming.

The main intention of “ZBNF Group Farming – Marali Bhoomadilige” is

1) To provide platform for farming interested to get land on own/rent/lease
2) To motivate individuals to go back village to lead happy and successful life.
3) To provide overall requirements to start with farming.
4) Farming in a group rather than individual to be mutual beneficial.

The advantages of “ZBNF Group Farming – Marali Bhoomadilige” is

1) To start with and follow Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) practices
2) A group of land wherein all farmers follow the ZBNF methods
3) Mutual support of farmers in the plots in understanding the practical situations at various stages of farming.
4) Possibility of sharing Labours, Water resources and other such farming requirements.
5) Marketing Support to all the plots at a slot.
6) Possibility of growing Multi Cropping

Support from MHR Foundation of India for “ZBNF Group Farming – Marali Bhoomadilige”

1) Training, Supporting and helping Zero Budget Natural Farming Practices.
2) Providing platform to the interested individuals to get a agriculture land on buy/lease/rent/sell to start ZBNF farming.
3) Marketing support to the grown agriculture products.
4) Providing machinery support to do the farming.
5) Seed support for the farming.
6) Labour support to the farming.

If you are interested to be a part of “ZBNF Group Farming – Marali Bhoomadilige” please fill the following forms and you will get a call back from us.

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